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UI Developer - Albuquerque, NM

2900 Stanford NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87107
United States

*Relocation assistance is not available for this position.

Are you looking for a place that will utilize your passion and provide cutting edge resources to fuel your innovation? Do you need a collaborative and challenging environment to thrive? Integrate yourself into a team of talented web developers that share your passion for developing custom solutions and help us build and maintain Summit's full-stack e-commerce platform and award winning mobile apps. Our rock star in-house development team needs your skill, insight and tenacity to provide innovative solutions for our customers and associates.

Position Summary:

The main goal of every Summit associate is taking care of our customers. That is evident throughout our company and this role is no different. You’ll serve our customers by improving and maintaining our homegrown eCommerce platform and by creating new mobile apps that will make their work easier and keep them coming back to Summit.

Front End Technologies

Our focus is in Ruby on Rails and Ember. Our templating is in HAML and Emblem and presentation with SCSS and Bootstrap. We will consider the following as applicable experience:

  • JavaScript Frameworks: jQuery, Handlebars
  • CSS, including SCSS and frameworks like Bootstrap
  • Semantic templating: HAML, Handlebars
  • JavaScript, Node.js, ES2015/2016: Ember, React and Angular

Operating System

We depend on open source software and have chosen Ubuntu Server as our production operating system. It is expected that you will be comfortable working with a command line on a daily basis.

  • Linux and Mac OS X
  • GIT and SSH
  • TMUX or any terminal multiplexer



Skills and Experience:

While expertise is desired this front-end development position will require a comfort and the ability to learn across skill sets. Of critical importance is a deep understanding of responsive frameworks and solid working knowledge of media queries and mobile layouts. You’ll also need the flexibility to work within server side languages to modify templates such as PHP, Java, Ruby, etc… and be comfortable working with templating languages like Handlebars, Ember, React and other JavaScript libraries.

Your experience in the following areas will be very beneficial:

  • Developing and maintaining sites and applications presented in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through the use of libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass
  • Search engine optimization techniques, site reporting, metrics and strategy through use of tools like Google Analytics
  • Building and maintaining features presented on the client side of the browser
  • Testing and debuging cross browser issues to build compliant code for supported browsers and devices

Multiple interviews, pre-employment assessments, reference checks, drug test, and background screens are all part of our thorough interview process to make sure we hire the very best. Professional appearance required.